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  • Year End Report Card Distribution

    As the last day of school quickly approaches, we send out this notice with some points about the last days of school and the distribution of report cards.


    1. If your child’s last day of school is going to be PRIOR to June 29th, please notify us in advance, so we can help them gather their stuff to send home with them.
    2. The school cannot release report cards prior to the last day of school: June 29th, 2016.
    3. If your child is going to be absent this day, to receive his/her report card you can:
      1. Pick it up at the office anytime until Thursday, July 7th.
      2. Request, IN WRITING (email is acceptable), that the report card be sent home with a sibling or a friend.
      3. Request, IN WRITING (email is acceptable), that the report card be mailed.  Please include the address to which it should be mailed, if it is different than the one the school has on file.
    4. The school office will remain open until Thursday, July 7th.  After this date, any report cards left in the office will automatically be mailed out to the address the school has on file.
    5. Upcoming Events:
    • Wednesday, June 22 (full day of school):

    Field Day—outdoor activities for the morning (PTA will be providing free hot dogs for students and staff. (Please turn sheet over for information about field day)

    • Wednesday, June 29th:  Closing ceremony and Grade 5 graduation at 9:30 am
    • If you believe your child has lost an item over the course of the school year, feel free to come check the lost & found at the school up until Thursday, July 7th.  After this date, the bin will be emptied and all items will be donated to charity.


    June 24 & 27 are marking days and there will be NO CLASSES for students.  June 28th is a staff inservice day and there will be NO CLASSES for students.

    June 29th is an EARLY DISMISSAL day and classes will be dismissed at 11:30 am.

  • Provincial School Attendance Survey

    The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is developing a provincial student attendance policy. To help create the policy, Nova Scotians are invited to share ideas on how to improve student attendance at school.

    Please visit one of the websites below to view background information and access a survey to share your thoughts:

    The survey is open until July 8, 2016. Parents/guardians, students, staff and members of the public are welcome to participate. 

  • Ticks and Lyme Disease Awareness

    At this time of year it’s important to be aware and careful in areas where there may be blacklegged ticks (also called deer ticks), which can carry the germ that causes Lyme disease. Please see below for important Public Health information on protecting against ticks and Lyme disease. Additional information and videos can also be found at www.novascotia.ca/hpp/cdpc/lyme.asp

  • Visiting the school and Pick Up/Drop off of students


    Parents/guardians and other visitors MUST check in at the school office upon arrival for any reason.  If your child is being dropped off or needs to be picked up we ask that parents not proceed to classrooms.  We will call your child’s classroom and have them come to the office.  If you have a lunch, or homework or other items to be given, please leave them at the office and again, we will call you child’s class room and have them come to the office.

    By checking in at the office, this keeps classroom distractions to a minimum and allows us to know who is in the building.

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